There is a cost-of-living crunch in this country. Many Canadians are struggling to just get by, let alone get ahead. As a young father with a household budget similar to the typical Nepean family, I understand the affordability challenges facing our community.

Life has gotten more unaffordable under Justin Trudeau. This is Trudeau’s record:

❌ Brought in the costly and ineffective carbon tax

❌ Increased payroll taxes

❌ Cancelled family, textbook, and transit tax credits

❌ Tried to tax health and dental benefits

❌ Tried to raise taxes on small businesses

Taxes will go up if Justin Trudeau is re-elected. It’s time for a fresh approach – one that lets you keep more of your hard-earned money. This is the Conservative affordability plan:

✔️ Scrap the carbon tax

✔️ Eliminate the GST from home heating bills

✔️ Bring in the Green Homes Tax Credit

✔️ Make parental leave benefits tax-free

✔️ Reduce the tax rate for the lowest income tax bracket from 15% to 13.75%

Canada cannot afford four more years of Justin Trudeau. Conservatives are in this so you can get ahead, not just get by.