Better, Higher-Paying Jobs

Canada should be a place where no ambition is too big, where no dream is out of reach, and where no government will stand in the way of people working hard to get ahead.

Since Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, earnings have stagnated while cost-of-living has risen. Less jobs are available because employers are packing up and heading south of the border. Work is more precarious than its been in years.

Justin Trudeau sold Canadians a false bill of goods in 2015. He promised his deficits and tax changes would help the middle class. Now we are further in debt and 80% of middle-class Canadians pay more in tax. People are working harder and harder but are barely getting by. It’s time for a change.

A Conservative government would lower taxes, reduce red tape, and open access to global markets so Canada can become a prosperous economic hub. While ensuring that Canadians can create more and better jobs here at home, we will also do our part to improve the quality of healthcare by increasing transfers to the provinces. We cannot have a healthy economy without healthy citizens.

Conservatives know that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Instead of trying to raise their taxes and smear them as “tax cheats”, Conservatives will establish the conditions for them to invest, grow, and create jobs.

Growing up in Nepean, many of my family members and friends work for the public service. I know – and Conservatives know – that public servants are the ones who best understand how to implement public policy. We need to listen to our public servants to ensure we have the best policies for Canada. And if we want the Canadian government to modernize and innovate, we need to help public servants thrive in their own careers and incorporate their feedback into governance. We also need to make sure they are paid properly – and that means fixing Phoenix.

Canada has the potential to create good-paying, higher-quality jobs. But it needs the right leadership. Only the Conservatives can put Canada back on track.