Community Safety

Canadians should feel safe in their own communities. A fundamental role of government is to protect its citizens. With gun and gang crime on the rise, Justin Trudeau is asleep at the switch. This is his record on community safety:

❌ Made it possible for serious criminals – such as kidnappers, gang members, and human traffickers – to get off with only a fine

❌ Targeted law-abiding gun owners over real criminals

❌ Failed to address the judicial backlog – slowing down the court system and increasing the potential for dangerous criminals to get off the hook

❌ Defended the transfer of a child killer – who also assaulted an inmate in prison in 2012 – to a healing lodge where children are present

❌ Rolled back tough-on-terrorism measures

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have a soft-on-crime approach. I believe we need a criminal justice system that puts victims’ rights first. Criminals should not get off with a slap on the wrist while victims suffer. Conservatives have a real and comprehensive plan to stop crime and keep our communities safe.

Cracking Down on Gangs:

✔️ End automatic bail for gang members
✔️ Identify gangs in the Criminal Code
✔️ Revoke parole for gang members
✔️ Tougher sentences for ordering gang crime
✔️ New sentences for violent gang crime

Gun Laws That Target Criminals:

✔️ Prison time for knowingly possessing a smuggled gun
✔️ Tackle “straw purchases”
✔️ Create a CBSA Firearms Smuggling Task Force

✔️ Lifetime firearms ban for violent and gang criminals
✔️ New penalties for selling guns to prohibited users

Equipping Police to Protect:

✔️ New funding to fight gangs
✔️ Create a Police Infrastructure Grant program
✔️ Better information sharing to solve gun crimes
✔️ Stronger background checks for gun licences
✔️ More support to keep young people from joining gangs

Community safety is vitally important to my family and I, and I know it is to you and your family as well. We need a government that has its priorities straight; criminals must be kept off our streets and justice must be served. On October 21, vote for A Safer Canada.