Fiscal Responsibility

If we want to have high quality services, then we must prudently manage the public purse. We should never put ourselves in a situation where we are spending more on debt interest than on vital services – like the current situation in Ontario. I am worried that we are now on a similar course federally. If we don't turn things around quickly, we will soon be spending more on debt interest than healthcare.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised three years of “modest” deficits of $10 billion before returning to balanced budgets in 2019. Turns out the deficits would not be so modest, and there was never a plan to return to balance.

A Conservative government will balance the budget over five years through more responsible management of your money. Instead of spending billions around the world on projects with little accountability or oversight, we will pay down the debt and put more money in your pocket. Rather than waste millions on exorbitant expenses – like weekend vacations to Florida, baseball tickets for well-connected friends, or fancy limo rides – a Conservative government will always remember that it is your money being spent. 

Today’s deficits are tomorrow’s taxes. I don’t want my daughter to have to pay in the future for Justin Trudeau’s present-day reckless spending. Let’s get our spending under control and preserve our social services for years to come.