Nepean’s rapidly growing road, public transit, and other infrastructure needs have not been met. When Justin Trudeau ran for prime minister in 2015, he promised to run deficits to fund critical infrastructure. Unfortunately, we have the deficits but not the infrastructure.

While Trudeau is spending billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on projects around the world – most with little accountability or oversight – our roads, bridges, transit systems, and treatment plants are not getting the required investment. And while Trudeau is spending millions on an “Infrastructure Bank” that has only accomplished a single recycled loan, Nepean residents are stuck in traffic for an hour each way commuting to and from downtown.

We need a government that will get projects built so Canadians can save time and money. As your Member of Parliament, I will do everything in my power to bring the LRT to Nepean, get our roads fixed, and get new infrastructure projects built on time and on budget. I will work collaboratively with my counterparts across all levels of government to get the job done and Nepean moving.